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(Delete if you will... just trying to spread the word. ^_^ Sorry for Spamming.)

New Games
First off, there's the_north_tower. It's gonna be a good game, set after the 5th book. It's sort of up and running, with tons of character openings. There's a bit of mod confusion, but it's being all sorted out, so there will be even more character openings in a bit. Come and join and start posting!

Next, we have dumbledors_army which is a quaint little game. It's fun, again with very few players and lots of openings. Set after the 5th book, this game is slash-friendly, but not slash-obsessed. Come and read up and join!

For the Marauders' Era fans out there, eraofmarauders is a rather slow, somewhat dying game that allows original characters. In trying to bring it back around, I'm advertising, hoping that people will join up and play more. It's been a fun game so far, and the school year is about to start, so there'll be tons of interaction.

class_of_78 is another Marauders' Era game. Only the Marauders, Lily, Snape and Mundungus are taken, so there's plenty of room for more characters. Go take a look and see. It's fun so far, and will be even more fun with more characters.

Existing Games
uber_hogwarts is a game that started last November, set the year after the 4th book. Almost a whole year has gone by in the game, and it's remained a strong game. The players are very welcoming, and the characters are fun to read. We're currently looking for more teachers and ghosts... and whatever students we're missing, and Weasleys.

the_common_room is a game that's been around for over a year. We recently had a reset to incorporate the 5th book. It's focused on Alumni and Slash, but also includes Het and Hogwarts. No one will force you into playing something that you don't want to play--that idea is stressed in this community. It's laid back and very fun!! It's a fun game for good original characters and slashers, especially for alumni and Slytherins. Come join, be a part of the legacy.

180_hogwarts is relatively new, but there's a ton of characters so far. The mod is accepting applications for original characters, as long as the applications are good ones. Tons of interaction in this fast-moving game. Lots of oppertunity for growth and character development.

And finally, happy_hour... a game anyone from any community can join. We want to have threads with two Harrys... Have Mione from the past and Mione from the present meet... Come and join! The only rule is you (the player) have to be nice to other players. All are welcome!
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