Felicity Ferriday (__felicity__) wrote in o_woodlovers,
Felicity Ferriday

Post war Harry Potter RPG

If this is not allowed I’m sorry please just delete
From out of the ashes.

Want to join a New Harry Potter RP with Cannon characters, great plots, and fun people that also allows slash. Then ashes_rp is for you.

Voldemort is dead.

It is the fall of 1998, and the Wizarding world is finally moving on. With a good number of Reparo spells and some administrative muscle, things seem to be returning to normal.

…or so it seems.

While the Dark Lord may be dead for good this time, that doesn’t mean that dark wizards are gone as well. The Ministry and its international counterparts has done its best to capture as many of the Death Eaters as possible, but a good number of them are still on the loose.

A new figure appears to be taking the role as the head of this fallen group, but not much is known about him. What is known about him, though, is that he is slowly bringing together the remaining groups of Death Eaters, trying to consolidate his power.

There may be peace now, but will it last? The aurors are trying to stop this new threat, but it is unknown whether or not another war against dark wizards shall begin.

Thus, our story begins…
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